Our folks are busy preparing their specialty goods and services for customers, retail, events and a variety of other places in Michigan.


darla & francine's logo

Darla & Francine's Cookie Table

We add a little extra something to events - you will taste it in our homemade cookies... it's the magic in the sprinkles, the sweetness in the frosting, the gooey in the chocolate chips!



Jala-pesto is a savory blend of fresh jalapeños, oils and spices. Add to any dish for a great jalapeño taste.

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Susan's Tart Shop

Susan's Tart Shop is a family owned, hand-made tart company based in Detroit.

Singularly handmade + perfectly proportioned :::

We bake the best tarts in the world

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Poppa's Gourmet Hot Sauce

Poppa's Gourmet Hot Sauce is a unique blend of sweet and heat, providing the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.  Momma's Hot Pepper Jelly is sweet and mild, but the flavor from the jalapeno peppers provides just enough kick to keep you wanting more.

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Peach & Honey Cake Bars

Peach & Honey offers flavorful Cake Bars containing no artificial ingredients or flavors, no hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup.  Hand made in small batches.


Cinnful Crunch

Cinnful Crunch is a delightfully versatile and addictive graham cracker/cinnamon based snack made by hand in Michigan.  Welcome to the bottom of the cheesecake!


Paula's Patisseries

Paula's Patisseries offers custom cakes and petite sweets for all occasions.  Made fresh, using the best ingredients (real butter, fresh cream, pure vanilla), to provide beautifully decorated and delicious desserts that delight clients beyond their expectations.


Raging Squirrel Bakery

The Raging Squirrel Bakery specializes in artisanal sourdough bagels, sweet and savory quick breads, muffins and pastries: Scones with almonds and dried Michigan cherries, scones with cheddar cheese and bacon, mini tomato quiches, mini loaves of banana bread and carrot cake, and fruit hand pies with all-butter crusts.

Cookies and More LLC logo.png

Cookies & More, LLC

Baking from the heart ~ we will bake and decorate beautiful, custom sugar cookies from scratch for your next special event, holiday gathering, gift, or just to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Tenera Grains

Tenera Grains grows teff on our family farm and is baking it into healthy treats like granola.  Teff is a lot like quinoa, but smaller with a bit more of a sweet taste.  Visit our website for more information, recipes and farm photos!


Vicky's Dips & Drizzles

Vicky’s Dips & Drizzles offers a variety of crispy pretzels combined with decadent chocolate, ribbons of caramel and other delicious toppings…nothing beats a sweet & salty treat! 


The Simple Kitchen - Provisions

The Simple Kitchen PROVISIONS specializes in unique custom baking and pastry creations.  We flow with the seasons and holidays that dot the calendar throughout the year.  Look for monthly offerings that reflect the flavors of our region and seasonal inspiration.  Special orders, corporate events and custom collaboration fuels our creative spirit!


Spun Sugar Detroit

Spun Sugar Detroit - all natural cotton candy hand-spun with love.  The ingredients are simple:  organic sugar, plant based dyes, and natural flavoring all creatively crafted into an assortment of delicious and unique flavors.  All of them are sweet in their own way.